Live Well At Home
Lakes & Pines was recently awarded funds for the Live Well at Home Housing Rehabilitation Program through the Department of Human Services. Up to $7,500 may be awarded to a senior citizen as a one-time grant to make it more accessible for them to stay in their home. Some of the eligible improvements could be installing an accessible shower, adjusting counter/cabinet heights, installing easy to access ramps and replacing flooring that could be a tripping hazard.

Lakes & Pines will be working with seniors within the seven county service area. Unlike other grant or loan programs, this program is not just for seniors with low income. Think of a parent, friend or neighbor that wants nothing more to stay in their home rather than move into assisted living.

What troubles are associated with living alone?
Getting down a flight of stairs to do laundry? Getting in and out of a bathtub? Or even reaching the dishes on the top cabinet to cook a meal. The Live Well at Home program allows modifications for all of these. Requirements are that the individual is in our seven county service area and are over the age of 65. Many individuals are taking advantage of this program as it is new to Lakes & Pines and the benefits are amazing!