Crew Worker II
TITLE: Crew Worker II
HOURS: Determined by Program
The Crew Worker II is required to install, under instruction of the Lead Crew Worker, devices and materials to reduce the infiltration of air and the loss of heat through the exterior of eligible dwellings. He/she will assist the Lead Crew Worker in organizing job sequence. The position holder will perform energy conservation measures to homes as delineated in the work orders. A variety of manual and power tools are to be used in job functions. Work to be performed in all climatic conditions. The Crew Worker II will assume the duties and responsibilities of the Lead Crew Worker in the absence of the Lead Crew Worker at the direction of program and Agency supervisory personnel.
Crew Worker II must have working skills to complete the following:
A. Essential Functions
Support the mission of the Agency.
Install all forms of insulation and venting materials.
Seal bypasses and other routes of air infiltration.
Apply caulk and weatherstrip.
Repair siding and roofing components.
Repair or replace entire door units.
Repair or replace entire window units.
Repair or replace entire storm window and storm door units.
Conduct activities appropriate to the goals of the Weatherization Program and the Agency as required.
Maintain knowledge of current technology through Agency sponsored training, reference manuals, and self-instruction.
Follow protocol of Minnesota Weatherization Field Guide, the Standard Work Specifications, the National Energy Audit Tool, the Manufactured Home Energy Audit, and other audits adopted by the State Department.
Obtain required licenses and certifications as determined by Department Director and program needs. Adhere to all safety policies and procedures; display sound safety work habits and work environment for self and co-workers.
Assist with maintenance of equipment and vehicle and report any necessary repairs to supervisor.
Crew Worker II will assume the Lead Crew Worker job responsibilities as required.
Maintain consumer and personnel confidentiality.
Have knowledge and apply Agency policies and procedures, including safety, technology, data practices and other applicable policy, procedure and program regulations.
Perform other essential duties assigned by supervisor.
B. Secondary Functions
Will perform secondary job functions as assigned by supervisor.

Must be at least 18 years of age or older.
Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to meet the travel requirements of the position on a regular basis throughout the assigned area.
Personal possession of appropriate clothing and required safety devices. Safety requirements provided by Program.
Must be able to meet the physical demands of the position.
Must have the ability to safely operate all power tools and equipment as required by job.
Must be able to legally and safely operate weatherization vehicles when circumstances require it.
Is subject to a Criminal Background Check, the results of which are acceptable to the Agency.
Must take and successfully pass a pre-employment drug test as a condition of employment per the Agency’s personnel policies.
Must be able to obtain medical examiner’s certificate as required by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Agency will cover the cost for one Certified Medical Exam per qualifying time period; any identified health concerns necessary to be addressed or that requires additional testing for passing will be the responsibility of the employee.
Must be able to fulfill all the requirements of Crew Worker I as listed above.
Two years’ tenure as Crew Worker I or credits equivalent to three years tenure in the trade.
Demonstrate the ability to keep accurate and legible records (i.e. work orders, inventory control sheets, activity sheets and time cards).
Demonstrate the ability to fill in for Lead Crew Worker when absent.
Must be able to safely operate all power tools and equipment as required by the job.
This position requires: exposure to weather without shelter, daily motor vehicle travel and entrance onto private property throughout the entire year. Consistent lifting of objects up to 30 lbs., occasional lifting of objects weighing up to 100 lbs., and coordinated lifting of objects up to 300 lbs. Regular climbing of ladders. Displaying sound lifting and safety habits. Consistent bending, stooping, crawling, kneeling, entrance into/onto confined areas, and areas that may be considered unclean or structurally unsound. Constant use of power and hand tools and exposure to sharp objects. Exposure to dust, volatile, caustic, or irritating substances and chemicals of moderate toxicity.
The Crew Worker II will be instructed by the Lead Crew Worker and are supervised by the Field Manager. The Energy-Housing Department Director is responsible for the overall administration of the Weatherization Program. The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for the overall conduct of the Agency’s programs.
Job performance evaluation shall be conducted at the time intervals prescribed by the Agency’s Personnel Policies and the Agency’s Performance Evaluation form shall be utilized. Evaluations are based on observation of the worker through job performance.
Additional Information
Lakes and Pines CAC reserves the right to revise this job description and change job duties and responsibilities as Agency and program(s) needs arise. This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment; and provides a general overview of expectations of the position holder.
An Equal Opportunity Employer/Contractor
In accordance with federal and state laws, Lakes and Pines CAC is an equal opportunity employer, contractor and provider of services. The Agency will maintain a policy of non– discrimination with all employees and applicants for employment. All aspects of employment within the Agency will be governed on the basis of merit, competence and qualifications and will not be influenced in any manner by race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, public assistance status, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity,status as a parent, familial status, or in a local human rights commission or any other legally protected status.

If an applicant needs reasonable accommodations for the employment application process, please contact Lakes and Pines either by phone, mail, email or in person and request such consideration. (Such as sign language, interpreter, materials in large print, accessibility)

Individuals are encouraged to complete an Employment Application form whether or not a vacancy currently exists. Employment applications will be kept on file for one year and will be considered for appropriate job vacancies.