Energy Assistance Application
Applications for the Energy Assistance will only be accepted from early fall to late Spring.

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Also now serving Mille Lacs Band members in our seven county area as well as Crow Wing and Morrison counties.

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Energy Assistance Program
Provided through the Minnesota Department of Commerce
Additional information on the Energy Assistance program can be found at

What does the Energy Assistance Program assist with?
Provides funds to help pay costs associated with heating the home. Funds are sent to the client's fuel vendor. Energy Related Repair funds are used to correct "no heat" problems with owner-occupied home heating systems. Energy Crisis Assistance services are provided to help clients who are experiencing a heating-related emergency.

Who Qualifies?
Households whose gross income meets the 50% State Median for the most recent three month period. Includes homeowners and renters that pay their own heating, electricity, or both.

How much of your heating bills does it pay?
The Fuel Assistance Program is designed to help applicants pay a portion of their heating bills. We encourage clients to always make a monthly payment.

What if a homeowner does not qualify?
There are other programs available such as Reach out for Warmth
and Caring Members by East Central Energy.

What if a person has a disconnect notice, their propane, or oil has run out and they haven't submitted an application?
They must first submit an application with all the requested information answered to our office as soon as possible along with a disconnect notice. The application can be processed as an emergency and can be completed the same day if they provide all the information required in a timely manner.
2019-2020 Energy Assistance Program Maximum Income Guidelines
An Energy Assistance Program application is used for determining eligibility for all components of EAP. The EAP year is from October 1 of one year through September 30 of the next. Households must apply by May 31st to be eligible for EAP. Households must occupy the residence for which the Energy Assistance Benefits are being applied for, meet the household income guidelines, and be vulnerable to increased energy costs. Households eligible for EAP may also be eligible for Crisis, Energy Related Repair (ERR) and the Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). Households that move can transfer their eligibility to their new address. They should contact Lakes and Pines Energy Assistance staff to update their address and account information. Their benefit will not change. All members living in a household must be included on the EAP application. Failure to do so may be considered fraud, and EAP benefits will be frozen until the issue is resolved. If you have a question as to whether or not someone needs to be included as a household member, or have any other questions related to the Energy Assistance Program, please contact us at 320- 679-1800 option #2.

Based on 50% SMI or 110%* of federal poverty guidelines, whichever is greater.

Household Size Annual Income 3 Month Max.
1 $27,047 $6,761
2 $35,370 $8,842
3 $43,692 $10,923
4 $52,014 $13,003
5 $60,336 $15,084
6 $68,658 $17,164
7 $70,219 $17,554
8 $71,779 $17,944
9 $73,340 $18,335
10 $74,900 $18,725
11 $76,461 $19,115
12 $78,021 $19,505
13 $79,581 $19,895
14 $81,142 $20,285
15* $82,702 $20,675
16* $86,669 $21,667
17* $91,531 $22,882
18* $96,393 $24,098
19* $101,255 $25,313
20* $106,117 $26,529