Emergency Housing Assistance
Are you behind on your rent or mortgage? Are you afraid of losing your housing? Are you already homeless?

Lakes and Pines Community Action staff help people find affordable housing, connect people to job resources, help you determine what benefits you may be eligible for and help you apply as you choose to, establish a spending plan and work with people to plan for stable long-term housing. Many people who never thought they would need assistance are seeking services. Our staff will work with you to plan for and get to a more financially stable future.

Assistance type and the amount varies depending on a person’s situation and their eligibility. However, we are sometimes able to assist with past-due rent or mortgage, first month’s rent and deposit for individuals and families that are homeless. The more valuable service is usually helping you establish a plan for a more stable future.

Helpful Resources
Affordable Housing Search (HUD)
Housing Link: Affordable Housing Search
East Central Housing Organization
Mortgage Foreclosure Information
Minnesota Home Ownership Center
Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless

Not all people may be eligible for services, as eligibility differs for each program and all assistance is subject to availability of funding.

Lakes and Pines staff will give you resources, referrals and help you make a spending plan, assist with benefits applications and help you set a plan for a stronger future. Financial assistance to solve the housing crisis is not guaranteed in all situations.