SNAP Employment & Training Program
Lakes and Pines offers the (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) - SNAP Employment & Training Program (SNAP E&T) to help people on SNAP prepare for and find a job. Depending on your needs, the program may be able to provide you with job placement assistance, job training, English language training, and other services.

The SNAP Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) program helps SNAP recipients improve their employment prospects, develop marketable and in-demand skills and increase wage potential through participation in job search, training, education or work activities. Lakes and Pines’ staff will coach you on your way to career advancement and self-sufficiency

An individual can receive SNAP E&T services if he/she:

  • • Receives federal food assistance, SNAP;
  • • Is age 16 or older (there are additional requirements to serve 16-17 year olds);
  • • Can participate in SNAP E&T immediately.
  • • Has the physical and mental ability to work at least 20 hours per week, or able to do so within the next year;

- For participants with a verified disability, such as active SSI recipients or temporary workers compensation recipients, participant statement or participant-provided documentation can be used to determine SNAP E&T eligibility.

An individual cannot receive SNAP E&T services if he/she:
  • • Receives Minnesota Family Investment Program, or MFIP or other cash assistance under Title IV.

Contact the Community Services Department for more information or to get started on a path to a more financially stable future.
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