Senior Chore and Delivery Services
Financial support for these services is provided, in part, by a Live Well at Home grant from the MN Dep’t of Human Services.

Lakes and Pines Community Action Council may help seniors and homeowners with disabilities improve the safety, efficiency, and comfort of their homes, enabling them to remain in their own homes longer. We meet with you to understand your needs, assign an appropriately skilled volunteer, as available, to accomplish those tasks, and follow up to ensure completion. If you are in need of more complex home repairs, we will help you apply to the USDA Home Modification and/or MN Housing Finance Agency.

Are you able to remain in your own home but need a little help keeping up with household chores?
• Snow removal
• Cleaning gutters
• Occasional mowing & raking
• Installing safety bars
• Washing windows
• Replacing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors & batteries
• Seasonal cleaning
• Changing light bulbs
• Outreach and referral
• Grocery delivery service (limited areas. Call for info)

Is there something else you need help with? Lakes and Pines Community Action Council supplies only the tools and the labor to accomplish your tasks. Homeowners are responsible for the supplies.

Fee as a % of Cost of Service Monthly Income
1 Person 60 Years or Older
Monthly Income
2 Person Household
(at least 1 is 60+)
Chore Services Fee
0 under $980 under $1,327 Voluntary Contribution
10% $980 - $1,471 $1,328 - $1,991 $2.43/hour
25% $1,472 - $1,961 $1,992 - $2,655 $6.08/hour
50% $1,962 - $2,452 $2,656 - $3,318 $12.16/hour
100% $2,453+ $3,319+ $24.31/hour
Note: Service will not be denied if an individual is unwilling or unable to pay per the specified fees on the sliding scale. People will be allowed to make a voluntary contribution in lieu of the fee scale. Participants are responsible for supplying all materials such as grab bars, paint, light bulbs, batteries, etc.

Assessments are completed to identify areas of concern for participants and caregivers. Education and advocacy are provided to help participants connect with other available resources, from applying for food support to applying for grants and loans for more extensive home repair needs.
Groceries to Go

Groceries to Go (G2G) is a grocery delivery service offered through Lakes and Pines’ Senior Services Program, which provides volunteer-based chore services to seniors and people with disabilities, helping them remain in their own homes longer.

  • • At least 60 years old or have a disability
  • • Living independently
  • • Offered an opportunity to share the program costs through a sliding fee scale

Program highlights include:

  • • Groceries are delivered weekly (day depends upon the area)
  • • Minimum order of $25
  • • Pre-enrollment through Lakes and Pines Senior Services is required
  • • Ordering and payment procedures vary with each store
  • • Contact Lakes & Pines for further information

Lakes and Pines currently offers the “Groceries to Go” delivery service within a 10 mile radius of these communities, thanks to the partnering grocery stores:

  • • Pine City (Chris’ Foods)
  • • Chisago City (Brink’s Market)
  • • Wyoming (Bruce’s Foods)
  • • Milaca & Isle (Teal’s Market)
  • • Onamia (Grand Market)

Delivery services in other communities with additional partnering stores throughout Pine, Chisago, Mille Lacs, Isanti, Kanabec, Aitkin, and Carlton counties are pending. Check for updates.  


  • • Participants may enroll by contacting the Senior Services program at Lakes and Pines: 320-679-1800 or 800-832-6082. Enter extension 171 at the prompt), or email
  • • We will schedule a brief home visit to complete the enrollment paperwork before your first grocery delivery, to set up an ordering and delivery schedule, and to discuss any specific and applicable store policies, including payment and returns.
  • • We will ask for an alternate contact person to accept your order if you are unavailable.


  • • We ask that you prepare your list of needed items prior to placing an order, using your local store’s grocery ad and/or your personal shopping history. If an item is out of stock, please indicate whether the shopper may substitute a similar item of equal or lower price (please see “SUBSTITUTIONS”).
  • • We will call you at the designated time to take your order over the phone. Please allow up to 30 minutes to place your order.
  • • We will read it back to you to ensure accuracy.
  • • Please utilize G2G at least monthly to indicate your need for the service.
  • • The minimum order is $25.00.


  • • Special orders and certain items that create food handling safety issues, such as deli orders, are not available. Pre-packaged substitutes are usually available.


  • • You will automatically receive sale prices, store discounts/coupons, and senior discounts when applicable. Ask about the current policy regarding manufacturer coupons.


If the store is out of an item, you may choose one of the following options:

  • • Substitutions allowed: Shoppers may choose an alternate item of equal or lesser value on all products in your chosen item is unavailable. Please note that perishable items such as produce, refrigerated/frozen products, bread, and tortillas are not returnable.
  • • Substitute only non-perishable items.
  • • No Substitutions: Shoppers may not substitute, even if the store is out of your chosen item.


  • • A stamp order may accompany the grocery order. Stamps are non-refundable.


We reserve the right to limit the delivery of large or heavy items, including:

  • • Four 12-packs of pop/water OR
  • • Four gallons of milk/water/juice OR
  • • Two large (up to 25# each) household items, including pet food. We are unable to deliver items weighing more than 25# each.


  • • As an industry standard, perishable items (produce, meat, bakery, dairy, and deli) are not returnable.
  • • Non-perishable items may be returned according to the individual store’s return policy.
  • • If an error has occurred with a perishable item, we will notify the grocery store immediately to determine the outcome.


  • • Participants must be home on the designated delivery day and time to receive the grocery delivery. If you cannot be home at that time, please call Senior Services (800-832-6082, ext 171), to determine whether other arrangements can be made.
  • • If we are unable to deliver your order because you are not home, you will be charged for any perishable items included in your order as well as the delivery fee. Non-perishable items will be returned to store, according to store policy.


  • • If a holiday falls on your regular ordering or delivery day, we will inform you in advance of any schedule adjustments.
  • • Please notify Senior Services if you are unavailable for a specific period of time.


  • • As a non-profit organization, we are able to offer subsidized service fees on a sliding scale, based upon your total household income.
  • • Service fees include ordering and delivery fees, ranging from $4 - $35, according to the fee schedule below, for deliveries within a 5 mile radius of the grocery store. An additional $5 is added for deliveries within a 5-10 mile radius ($10 in excess of 10 miles).
  • • If you are eligible for Elderly Waiver or Alternative Care, the service fee may be covered by these programs. Prior approval is required, so please inform us if you plan to use either program.


Monthly Income

Household of 1


Service Fee


Monthly Income

Household of 2


Service Fee

$0 - $980

Voluntary Contribution


$0 - $1327

Voluntary Contribution

$981 - $1471



$1328 - $1991


$1472 - $1961



$1992 - $2666


$1962 - $2452



$2656 - $3318


$2453 +



$3319 +



  • • Volunteer drivers cannot accept any payments or tips.
  • • All participants pay the grocery stores directly for the grocery orders, according to individual store policy.
  • • Lakes and Pines Senior Services will complete a payment authorization form during the home visit, prior to the first order and delivery. This authorization form will remain on file with the store.
  • • All participants must have a credit, debit, and/or EBT card (including PIN) on file with the participating grocery store. If you are not home at the time of delivery, the grocery store will credit your account for the non-perishable items, but perishable items will not be refunded.



  • • The volunteer drivers may not accept tips.
  • • We happily accept donations of any amount! If you wish to contribute an additional amount to the Groceries to Go program, or to Lakes and Pines Senior Services in general, you may include that amount when you remit your service fees or mail the donation separately to:

Lakes and Pines CAC, Inc

Senior Services Program

1700 Maple Avenue East

Mora, MN 55051


  • • If any information changes, including payment authorization, address, phone number, ordering and delivery availability, or alternate contacts, please notify Lakes and Pines Senior Services prior to your delivery time (800-832-6082, ext 171).


  • • Lakes and Pines Senior Services asks certain demographic information about participants, which is then reported to Minnesota Board on Aging. This information is not shared with other entities and does not include personally identifiable information. However, your participation is optional and services will be provided regardless of your willingness to disclose the information.
  • • Credit/debit/EBT information is shared only with the participating grocery store for the purpose of processing your grocery order.
  • • We may offer a referral to another Lakes and Pines department, or to a partnering organization for additional services not provided by Lakes and Pines Senior Services. Since your personal information cannot be shared without your permission, you will be asked to sign an information release form if you wish proceed with the referral.


The services, facilities, and benefits of this program are for the use of all older people and people with disabilities, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or national origin. Any individual who feels he or she has been denied the opportunity to participate in this program and wishes to file a complaint of discrimination should write to:

Executive Secretary, Minnesota Board on Aging

540 Cedar Street

St. Paul, MN 55101


  • • If you have any problems or complaints about Groceries to Go’s service, volunteers, or staff, please notify Lakes and Pines Senior Services at (800) 832-6082, extension 171 as soon as possible. Please do not notify your volunteer driver or order taker. We will do our best to correct the problem.
  • • If the problem remains unresolved, please contact Lakes and Pines Community Services manager at 800-832-6082, extension 115.

Funding for these services is provided, in part, by a Live Well at Home grant from the

 Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Volunteer Opportunity
The Senior Chore Program relies on the generosity of volunteers willing to share their time, talent and skills. Volunteers are recruited from schools, businesses, churches, civic organizations as well as individuals, and include people of all ages. To help ensure the safety of participants and quality of work, volunteers are interviewed and evaluated. Background checks are conducted as necessary. Volunteers under 18 years of age are supervised by adults. Matching volunteers to services is dependent upon the number and types of requests and the number and skills of available volunteers.

Volunteers are needed to perform a variety of tasks, some of which include:
• Snow Removal (roof, sidewalks);
• Yard (lawn mowing, raking, gutters);
• Grab bar installation;
• Tacking down loose carpeting;
• Switching out door knobs with levers;
• Window washing;
• Removing/installing: window air conditioners & storm windows;
• Replacing smoke & carbon monoxide detectors;
• Seasonal or deep cleaning such as decluttering and organizing, not weekly housekeeping;
• Replacing/changing light bulbs;
• Lowering storage (cupboards, shelves, closet rods);
• Seasonal assistance (Christmas tree removal, installing plastic window film);
• Other tasks as requested and possible with volunteer base.
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Donations are Welcomed and Appreciated!
Funding for the Senior Chore Services is provided, in part, by a one-time start-up grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The Service also relies on the generous contributions of businesses, civic organizations, churches, individuals and volunteers. If you would like to contribute to the on-going success of this important program, please contact the Community Services Department at 800-832-6082, Option 4 or